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 Make your own custom Car tent 

for camping, fit's your Jeep Cherokee XJ &

Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ or Discovery 2.

For the great 4x4 adventure, this "Go Anywhere" Universal  Car tent 

is for people who love their 4x4 or SUV, why not try a versatile and practical

"new" way of exploring the great outdoors.
If you are looking for a car tent for going camping with in your SUV, then

you have come  to the right place.

This car tent securely attaches to the rear door posts of your vehicle, and allows for extra
storagespace outside the jeep, while you make full use of the extra accommodation inside the suv.

When you leave the camp area the car tent will stand alone. Free plans available so that

you can make the car tent yourself. Also fits and adapts to the,
Grand Cherokee, Compass, Patriot, Jeep XJ Cherokee and Commander. 
The car tent 2015  only uses four guy ropes.

I arrived after lunch on a national vacation/ holiday and the site was
 heaving, so I had to move deeper into the forest, see above in the
 photograph, and I ended up leaving the marked track way and
parking up on one on the many clearings.
Got a SUV or 4x4 then you can get anywhere.
When I took this picture, behind me were 50 plus tents on the flat grass
clearing, you tell me, who got the best deal ?.

 The new 2015 designed Car Tent and the history and thinking behind the design .

"Free" plans are now available for the Mk. 1 design to get you started.  
 You would use a standard camouflage tarp over the frame that you make yourself.
You can see all the parts you need, two photographs further down this page placed on a tree stump outside my house.
 The photograph below in the forest, details the new 2015 version you could make yourself.

 I wanted to show how
the car tent or awning blends in with the suroundings as sometimes you may not be able
to use an approved camp site, so you may end up wild camping, this way you will
want to draw  the least amount of attention to yourself as possible.
Use the car tent for storage, possibly sleep safely in the SUV.
You will be dryer and warmer, and have more comfort.

The "NEW" Car Tent Frame for 2015  is shown at the
 bottom of the page, and it has an improved roof shape to the original flat roof design.
 If you are interested in Survival, Camping gear, and Tent Kit for an Expedition or Overland Adventure with a SUV,then I hope this site gives you some ideas to get you started.

The idea is to be 
Minimalistic and travel with
the least amount of equipment that you can, I carry 90% of my equipment
in two to three storage box's which can be easily moved out of the SUV at night.
 You can then sleep inside the SUV safely. Make sure that your storage
box's have lids other wise them little critters will sneak in and take your stuff at night.

During the week while working in the city the SUV reverts back to standard mode
so the whole idea is so simple. Just fold the seats down and off you go. I stow away
everything in the back of the SUV, the storage boxs, a step up tressle table and chair, sleeping bag, sleeping foam mat, small gas cylinder, even the two ring gas stove fits in the storage box. The step up, doubles up as a table for the gas stove.
Just get out there when the weather is fine and explore. The camp sites shown
were around 10  a night (July 2014)which includes a hot shower.


The "original" car tent is pictured in the centre of the photograph,above and to the right
 of the blue dome tent. Its right on the edge of a carp lake with the jeep cherokee
 attatched. Great if you like fishing & camping.
The Camouflage tarp can also be
reversed as it is plain green inside, like the grass.

    Not many parts to put together.

Standard Camouflage Tarp shown 12 ft. x 18 ft. 17.95 or $27 US.  www.ecamo.co.uk

This is the "type" of Tarp clip you will need to use when you shape
the tarp over the jeep, or take up loose material. I use one each side
to taper off the tarp over the rear of the jeep. See third picture
down where I have shaped the tarp with the clip.

They are also great for attatching the door tarp to the edge of the main tarp,
 as the clip will pinch together two thicknesses of material. I use
four down each side like I would use a peg.
The clips I use look exactly like this and are re-usable. The picture shows
the clip open. They are like pegs but with a wedge action.
 They can also be used to make an eye-let anywhere along the edge
 of the tarp. You use the bungee-ball type elastic with them.

This is the "original" Mk. 1 car tent model when I was looking at using
 the "larger" Standard Camouflage Tarp 12 ft. x 18 ft.
You get a mass of extra space,
being the basic early model it is easy to make for beginners,
 great for selling things on a stall at shows.
 The 2015 has a cut down tarp over the length which cover up less of the windows
 to let in more light.

The main Tarp measures 7 ft long x 16 ft 6 inches wide, as shown in this
picture. The next time I use the jeeptent, I will have an infill panel
between the top of the door curtain and the roof apex. Although
great for letting the air circulate, I found on the last trip
 it did let the insects in at night, possibly because I was under the trees
in the  shade.

 You can easily trim up a tarp off-cut with sissors
and then fold over an inch and stick down with double sided tape,
 just put in a few eyelets and its as easy as that. This picture was
taken at Burnbake campsite near Swanage, UK 2012 .

    Camp inside the jeep & blend in with the forest.
This is Burnbake Campsite near Swanage UK during 2012.

       jeeptent by river
                                  Fishing & Camping by the lake, Mk1 design car tent shown is longer.

The 2015 model has only nine parts, three ropes, roof tarp and door tarp.
The 2015 model is designed for the more advanced
, also see the Picasso tent section.
 Note how the car tent stands firm on rock solid ground "without" the need
 for guy ropes and pegs hammered into the ground. I have now
gone back to straight legs which are easier to make and work just as
well as angled legs.

Only Two Ropes shown are required,
but when I am on soft ground I use a single guide rope out the
back to steady the jeeptent prior to disconecting the jeep
and driving off for the day,there is no weight to the structure as it is
 evenly balanced.

The jeeptent 2015 "frame" goes up in two miniutes, shown here in the car lot
on compacted gravel.

Car tent 2015 model - more space for that jeep adventure, just add the tarp,
this is a solid gravel car park on the South Downs near to where I live, there
 are no pegs or fixings in the ground.

Not many parts to make

SUV - Car tent at Burnbake Campsite July 23rd, 89 degree Heatwave 2014,
 if you position the car tent in the shade and take note
of where the sun is going over the sky. you can keep
the car tent a lot cooler inside. I have also faced the
car tent entrance towards the morning sun at it rises.

Outdoor Kitchen at Burnbake Campsite Swanage.
89 degrees upwards ,July 2014, you could sit outside untill
9.45pm and it is still quite light.

Another view of the car tent on the SUV, not how it blends in with the trees
you could reverse the tarp as it is light green inside.

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