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Car tent , simple! just two guy ropes off the XJ door piller.

Self supporting.

The Car tent  stands on hard ground, so different to other Car tents.

Only nine parts, a tarp & two guy ropes.

Car Tent goes up in miniutes, even on solid ground.

Here above, is the finished "prototype frame design".Ideal for shows, I'm calling it the
Jeep tent 2012.  This is a conventional tent shape to shed water from the roof,
 and this design has now evolved into the Picasso car tent.

Here you can see how the car tent stands on its own when it is completely detatched
 from the jeep, you then stake the XJ guy ropes down with two tent pegs.
Great when you leave the camp site and return later to link up again. If you place
 the guy rope tent pegs around  6 inches from the centre line of the rear jeep wheels,
its easy to reverse the
 jeep back into the same position. I was experimenting here with an apex
 at "one end" only, (the light grey parts in the roof ) and extra guy ropes
  I also tried a central vertical post
with the possible idea of the guy rope pulling down verticaly
 I now have two apex roof struts, see top and below photograph .
 I did away with the vertical central post as it was not required.

Currently while I am working on the project the roof struts are in one piece
 which is fine for me
 as I always carry the car tent frame in the XJ with the seats down.
Later designs will be two piece, so the parts fit width ways in the back of the XJ.

 Car tent roof shown above finnished in green.

This is how the proto-type roof bar fits into the 25mm x 25mm socket.
it locks the two roof bars together.I designed the original XJ Jeep Cherokee tent to be universal
 and practical.It had to be multi-use and versatile. Jeep owners around the world want to explore,
 and want something which is rugged and tough on the trail.I wanted the Jeeptent to convert
easily to allow for different uses. It had to be dry and warm during wet weather.

 This is how the 25mm x 6mm roof bar tounge fits into the 30mm x 30mm socket.
I wanted a new way of exploring
and a new experience for jeep owners .
I wanted the car tent quick to make at home, and quick to assemble
 quick to take down, and above all I wanted to make Jeep owners "want" to travel
and have some fun & adventure outdoors at a low cost.
The car tent can be an awning, canopy, or tent attatched to your vehicle.
The first model has 9 parts and one main tarps plus a small door tarp.

 Burnbake Campsite
Studland, nr.Corfe Castle
 Isle Purbeck. Dorset. UK. BH20 5JH.

This amazing  campsite in the south of the uk near to Poole Harbour, is well worth a mention.
You reach the campsite by taking the Swanage Ferry across from
 Sandbanks, Canfordcliffs, to Shell Bay. Cost 3.50 a car.
No booking on the campsite required, just turn up, fantastic !
You will have to book at peak times though or phone in advance.

The Ferry to "Shell bay" leaves Sandbanks and goes
 across the entrance to Poole Harbour. It only takes 3 miniutes.

 Burnbake Camp site.
 Very nearby, Sandbanks & Poole Harbour ..

Poole Harbour is very shallow at high tide across the whole width.

Local attractions are Wareham, Corfe Castle, Poole, Sandbanks, Brownsea Island Boat Tours
Bovington Tank Museum, Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum at Downton, New Milton, 
You do not have to pre-book at Burnbake campsite which is a great advantage.

  July 2011 it cost 10 per night per person high season, and the showers 30p. Check current prices as they will vary with the season. The shop was open 8.30am to 9.30am and again 6pm to 7pm
.The shop was very well stocked with fresh milk and bread and much more.

                                                                   This picture shows part of the shower block, shops
                                                                                    and washing up facilities .

 Corfe Castle, top left is a five miniute drive from Burnbake campsite. Wareham Quay above bottom
 left and right,is a 30 miniute drive
   Wareham River above top right with a river-side walk. Visiting Jeeps below at Bovington Tank Museum
 below. Bovington Tank Museum is a short drive from Burnbake Campsite.  Panther Tank above,
                                                         is one of the smaller German WWII tanks.

This picture shows Burnbake campsite in the evening sun, the forest roads go off in all directions.
 The Jeeptent is in the picture to the right of the tent above the bench, "Can you spot it ?"
its great when you blend in, almost invisible !

A typical spacious Burnbake campsite pitch 50 yds away from me, with a
 blue tent, I can highly recomend this site.

Free Plans to build the basic 2010 model available now.   Contact

 This photograph was sent to me recently of a friends garden workshop.He makes tables from reclaimed wood, you can see one table on the grass. The location is the South of England - to me
it's a classic photograph.  Not bad quality for a cell phone .  Spring, April 2011.
 "Its a jeep thing".