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On these pages you find the type of food you can take on the trail. 
 Ideal for when you go camping with the Jeep during the summer.
Plan ahead and fill the cool
 box with food that stays fresh and tasty.
You can also see how to make, possibly the smallest bbq in the world !

Pork Chops cooked on the bbq while watching the neighbour fishing in the lake below,
what a way to relax on a summer evening, this is North of Henfield in Sussex UK.
The trail meal above is made with fresh tomatoes,  peppers, cheese, olives, coleslaw,
 potato salad, leaves. It all fits in the cool box with some ice packs,
these ingredients will make a variety of different meals.

How to cook Pork Chops on a disposable bbq, quick and easy. The farmer
says that you must not burn the grass, this is an old caravan step.

Thick slice of pork and egg pie, with a portion of cheese flan
 a crusty roll and butter plus coleslaw, what a tasty meal.

Still interested in ration food ? Count how many things you would want to eat,
 and then count how may things you don't actually need. This is the latest uk ration pack
for one day or 24 hrs. You could get the sweets, matches, nuts, and soup at the Kwik-e Mart

Roast Beef, Coronation chicken, fried pototoes, stuffed olives, tomatoes,
 leaves, potatoes salad this makes a quick and easy summer meal when on the trail.
If you take along a cool box like the one in the picture and some ice blocks you can
 keep all the food fresh. I just cut some small boiled potatoes up and gently fried them
 for 5 mins in a small non stick camping frying pan. The rest of the food was served as it was
 straight out of the cool box.

Small bbq design.
 This is a new design of bbq I have been working on and it works well.
 The idea is that it takes up little room and can cook a whole pack of sausages in
one go. It has a integral fire grate and you just screw up some paper to light
 the sticks from the bottom, the sticks then light the coals. The big holes let the air in.
Follow the pictures below to see how it works.

Other types of bbq and another new design ? .  above, for more pictures of the clay Chiminea.
I have tried a clay chiminea at home and it works well and is clean to use.
It does baked potatoes in 30 mins in silver foil.

You can also move it around when hot, plus it gives off heat to keep
you warm at night. It burns anything like wood or lumpwood, ect.
I did consider taking it on the trail but its a bit large .
I even tried cooking on the device I made to pre heat the coals above.

Had some good results

I tried cooking on the coal pre-heater, they took 30 mins to cook. But it does stand
 in an area only 6" square which could be usefull.
I needed less coals in it as they were too deep, like 6" - 7"deep instead of 3".
The food got smoked rather than  heated I expect.