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 2017. Land Rover Discovery 2
Camping Awning Tent is a stand alone design
meaning you can just drive off for the day and leave the tent standing.
This is the Video on You Tube showing
how the camo tarp goes over the frame. You
make the frame yourself, and it packs
up small into the boot space.


Close up of the Land Rover TD5 Discovery 2 awning tarp
I removed the single rear seat so that gave enough
room to sleep in the land rover. All your
gear fits in the awning. The Land Rover rear
door opens easily into the side of the tent.

Blacklands Farm Henfield Sussex, early morning mist
this is the view from the tent entrance looking east

Woodyhyde campsite Swanage. Awning for land rover 

Easy to make land rover mess tent

View across the carp lake from the
land rover tent entrance.
Location, Blacklands Farm Henfield Sussex.


People think you are fly fishing because you are close
to the lake edge, so they leave you in peace !.
You blend in with the countryside which is great.