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Below you can see how to make a device to
help you lift a Kayak, or
 Canoe onto the top of a car or jeep Grand Cherokee WJ
all by yourself


Screen image's of the plans

I designed and made this lifting assistor shown below
 to get the Kayak on top of the Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ
 without any help from anyone.
This is the link to the full Youtube video showing how
 easy it is to get the kayak on and off the jeep.

You can still open the tail gate to get your gear in and out as
the bouy moves back out the way once the Kayak is in position.
You just push it forward with your hand a few inches.

The picture below shows a close up view of
how the bouy sits back on the roof when
the Kayak is locked down

This is how the roller sits when you lift the Kayak onto
the roof of the Jeep.
 See how it's now near the edge.

This is how simply it's made.

This is the Video link to my full video on Youtube
showing how to get the Kayak on top of the Jeep Grand Cherokee
all by yourself with no help.

This is the link to my video showing you
a good place to go in the Kayak in Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex.

This is the link to my Youtube video showing you how
to remove the radio from a Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ.