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This picture shows how you can add a canopy.
Ideal for shows.

Here in this picture above you can see how the jeeptent stands on its own. It is completely
 datatched from the jeep.
You can leave the camp site. and return later to link up again.

Here  you can see how the Jeeptent 2010 stands on concrete, you could attach
 the outer most guy ropes to rocks on the ground, the jeeptent for the cherokee 2012
only has two guy ropes back to the door pillars so it will stand on rock or sand.

Jeeptent 2010  Free Plans available now.   Contact 

jeep tent on cherokee in dawn mist

The Jeep Tent for Cherokee could be made in an afternoon.
This could be your view of the lake the following day

The larger 18ft tarp shown here will give more privacy as it covers the side windows

This picture shows how you can blend in with the suroundings.

This picture shows few ways to put up the jeep tent for the cherokee
so many different uses, for shows, marshals, events, sales,
attend emergency repairs, cycle tours, keep out of the sun/rain.
packs up in miniutes, no more soggy wet tent material to put away,
just shake the tap off, and fold up.

This picture shows the early 2010 model with longer legs and an extra two ropes,
later models had straight shorter legs, you can easily make the basic
 Jeep tent 2010 in a day or the advanced 2012 in a few days, its so simple, and the
tailgate still opens, closes and locks. This means you can lock up your gear
 securely inside the jeep when you are away from the vehicle.

The Jeep tent is light and weighs very little. It easily detaches
from jeep if you need to leave camp and return later. See photograph above
 showing how the jeep tent is attached to inside face the
Cherokee rear doors with a clip.
That is the clever part.

Takes up very little room, this picture shows the parts spread
 out in the back of a XJ Cherokee so you can see them!
the tarp and ropes are also shown.

Easy to make and so few parts, its hard to belive that this is all you need.

For storms, high winds and rough weather, you could make your own heavy duty
pegs like these and lock down a couple of extra guys. Purpose made for rough
 ground, the special top makes them easy to pull out the ground.

Just a few ropes and pegs are reqd. The tarp is standard off the shelf, Its hard
to believe, but everything you require is shown in this photograph, its amazing how
little room it takes up.

More camping room inside the Jeep Cherokee using this insert which you can
 make yourself
You get around 5' 8'' legroom if you want to
camp away in the jeep overnight. Just put all your gear outside in
the jeeptent at night and then back inside during the day.
Keep all you equipment in three large storage box's with lids.
three out, three in, easy !

The insert packs away flat when not in use & the legs pull out.
Quick to put up and gives  leg room of 5' 8''when camping
Handed - so will fit US & UK Jeep Cherokees.

How to make the Jeep Cherokee camping bed insert.

Get some 12mm plywood and cut two pieces 723mm long
by 336 wide. Cut the corner shape out of each piece 180 mm wide x
140mm deep. Round off the corners with a nice radius.
Tip: Make a card template first.

Cut a handle out 265mm x 90mm this also allows you
to store the three legs when not in use, plus create extra
"secure hidden" storage in
 the foot well under the insert that you can reach into.

I keep a box* of fishing tackle under mine.
You could make a lockable lid if insert is left in place.
*Note you will need some sort of plastic storage box under
the Jeep fold down seat to stop it dropping further if you
put any weight on it.
This keeps the seat level with the insert top face.

Next get some square timber cut 25mm x 25mm minimum, even 30x30 is fine.
The 25mm square legs stow away in the void so do not use a spacer less
than 25mm.
Next glue three batton's of 25mm square timber in place
 longways x 2 and across the width x 1.
Legs next, 25mm box steel or round is fine, even wooden legs.
Two legs are 242mm long one leg is 129mm long.
Drill a "tight" 8mm hole 55mm from the top of the leg and knock in a
 1/4 steel dowel 55mm wide. See picture.

This should give you 50mm from the top of the dowel to the top
of the leg, the same width as the insert.
Next make three square holes where I have in the picture.
Round legs are also fine in wood or metal.
When in use, two legs press on the floor, and one leg presses
on the tunnel in the centre. I have the legs with a tight fit, if they
drop out glue in a small magnet into the wood.
Paint with matt grey undercoat to match interior, or to taste.
On Camping trips I fill mine while at home and then I can stow
more gear in the back. I use three medium size storage box's.
Quick to get in and out, and nothing gets lost. At night the three
box's go into the awning leaving the jeep completly clear inside
see photographs, second one down.
Please do not forget that you must slide the passenger seat "fully"
forward to fit the insert as shown in the second photograph below.
If you carry a passenger then you may want to do this when you arrive
on site.

XJ Cherokee

XJ Cherokee


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