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1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport XJ 2.5 td
2002 Jeep Cherokee 2.5 td KJ
 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 3.1 td.

I have just purchased a bronze Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 3.1 td auto,with Quada Drive,
 to replace the KJ , so the pictures of my next jeep grand adventure
will appear May /June 2013 from
 the Uk when the summer 
eventually arrives and it get warmer.

For those of you who own a Jeep Cherokee Sport 2.5 td manual
 (stick shift XJ,) and want to upgrade to a
  Grand Cherokee Limited 3.1 (auto) with Quada Dive, (USA WJ), like me you
 are in for a pleasant surprise,
 and I will write about it soon.

Sussex Coast England. (Brighton) My old XJ Jeep parks next to my WJ.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 Ltr V8 from the USA, is a beast showing a torque
 of 295lbs.
 Here in the uk we are blessed with the 3.1 td which is a 5 pot turbo diesel
with an impressive 275 lbs or 283lbs depending on which web
site you look at, only 10 lbs off the V8 petrol which is 295 lbs torque ?.

mpg Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 3.1 td  year 2000.
My Jeep Cherokee Limited 3.1 td 
returns 26mpg on the overhead consul
doing a constant 25 to 30 mph with a fuel saver device fitted,
I don't know what device it is, as it was  fitted by the previous owner .
 Possibly better diesel mpg than the petrol V8, who knows.

I missed the 1998 2.5 td Sport XJ after 6 good years of trouble free motoring around Europe.
In October 2012, I purchased a silver 2002 Jeep Cherokee KJ, (Liberty in the USA,) after being
under the impression it was going to be like the XJ it replaced, but better.

My old jeep Cherokee Sport next to the new Grand Cherokee Limited 3.1 td.

The liberty handled no way "like" the XJ, so after 3 weeks I sold it.
I have put two pictures up of the silver Liberty below, all I can say is that
if you have driven an XJ there is no way the KJ comes near to the
same "driving experience" as the XJ, and when I get some time I will list all
the reasons why I say "the driving experience" .

My old Diahatsu Sportrak ELXi was a entry level SUV ?

My White Diahatsu Sportrak ELXi which started it all back in 2005. It had a totaly
removable sun roof which you could stow in the back, plus the back cab came off,
 but storing it was another matter so it stayed on.
Could this have been the forerunner of the Liberty?

Its a Jeep thing with those solid axles, you can feel the Jeep move up and
 down and side to side, with independent suspension the KJ stays level all the
 time, now some folk like that, I know my wife did, but I belive if you buy a Jeep you
 are buying into the jeep experience . If you go to this American site it explains
 more about what I am saying. Don't get me wrong, its a great little car, but it ain't a Jeep.
I belive its called an SUV or crossover ?


My old Diahatsu Sportrak ELXi

My Jeep Cherokee KJ Liberty (USA) or CRD (UK) was so much like the
old Diahatsu Sportrak ELXi I owned before I would be sure that Jeep engineers copied it.
 Those Diahatsu alloy spoked wheels, even look

the same as the Grand Cherokee spoked alloys oddly enough four pictures down.

Jeep Liberty year 2002 so small, so heavy so Euro so long.

The Jeep Liberty tyre hangs heavily off the rear door as an after thought and
to get the wheel off you have to remove the number plate to get to the
 three wheel size nuts to remove the wheel, so you
have to carry a philips or pozi-drive screwdriver ? Why.

Also if you want
 to clean the back door properly, the spare tyre has to be removed.
The Grand Cherokee Limited has the spare wheel tucked away in the
floor - brilliant idea, that why its called the "Grand" a name well deserved.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 3.1 td diesel auto year 2000, in light snow, this picture was  taken
 on January 18th 20013 at 16.00pm, and possibly shows the only snow we will get
 this year in Southern England.

 It gave me the first opportunity to try out, and report on the four wheel drive in slippery conditions
 other a deep mud tractor tracks in a farmers field which have presented no problems.
 Apart form the time to wash it down !
I was very impressed with its snow ability. Temperature in the
 morning of the snow flurry was -1 , and it started first time.

Tyres are Goodyear A/T 255/65/16 on standard rims at 33 psi front and back.
Bigger/wider than standard. Regarding tyre pressures for this size tyre,
other web sites have said 26 Front and 34 Back or 28 F and 38 B or 30 F and 40 b and 33 f&b.
I find 33 psi front and back works fine for around town.

Compared to the KJ and the XJ the Grand Cherokee Limited 3.1 was 100%  better in
mud and snow conditions. W
ith 283 lbs of torque on hand I tried some steep hills that the cars
could not get up and the Grand Cherokee got up them easily.
The Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 3.1 td  fuel consumption is
still maintaining a constant 20 mpg around town at 10 to 30 mph.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 3.1 td auto came with a high specification.

 The basic Land Rover Discovery and very basic Defender were my second choice.
 The jeep is easy to insure at 142 ($250 usa) fully comp including the wife
 with Churchill Insurance.
Seven seats like a discovery,  and inward facing seats like the Land Rover Defender
can be difficult in the uk now to insure, acording to Land Rover International Magazine.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 3.1 td auto sits just right on
the stock suspension.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 3.1 td auto body
still looks good even after 13 years

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 3.1 td auto parked up.